Transport and expedition

Transport and Expedition

Pfauth Logistics transports nationally and internationally by road, sea and air. Services include full as well as partial shipments and the transport of dangerous goods (ADR) using in-house equipment and specialised charters. Service within the Vlissingen port area for ship provisions and customs clearance are fast, flexible and available 24/7.

Transport services

  • in-house transport modes for the shipment of goods within the Benelux for singular and bulk shipments
  • distribution and containerised cargo handling to and from overseas destinations
  • we offer courier services throughout Europe
  • we have ADR-classified vehicles and drivers

Expedition services

  • we direct the transport of containers using specialised and reputable carriers throughout Europe and overseas.
  • we handle all customs formalities for the import and export of shipments by maintaining contact with all shipping agents in the neighbouring ports in the Netherlands and Belgium.
  • all transport and freight forwarding orders are processed through our Transportation Management System (TMS)

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